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General info:

Internet Media Limited owns and operates this website.
Internet Media Limited is 100% New Zealand owned and operated.

Refunds policy:

Our policy is not to give refunds on advertising just because you change your mind as we will have incurred costs which we can not recover.
This does not affect your statutory rights as a consumer.

Returns policy:

As we don't distribute a tangible product, we have a no returns policy.

Privacy Policy:

We will never share your private details to any third party.

Restrictions & Conditions:

You must be 18 years of age or older to advertise on this site unless you have written consent from your parent or guardian.
The business you are advertising must be operational within New Zealand.
All transactions will and must be in New Zealand Dollars.
New Zealand legal jurisdiction applies to all transactions.

Online Payment and Security:

Internet Media Limited accepts payment by Direct Credit to our Bank Account or cheque.


While we closely monitor user generated content on our site, we accept no liability if it is inappropriate content.
We accept no liability for any links from our website to other websites that are broken or incorrect, regardless of the reason.
We will however quickly fix such issues if it is bought to our attention.
Email us now to report such an issue: Please click here

Complaints Process:

In the unlikely event you have a complaint please contact us and we will do everything we can to help.

Extra costs:

All prices on this site include GST unless otherwise stated.
There are no other additional costs.

Specific Terms & Conditions:

Your listing goes live when you receive a confirmation email thanking you for signing up.
Site maintenence is sometimes necessary and may involve the site being offline for short periods of time.
While we endeavor to minimise the inconvenience, we accept no liability for any consequence, real or perceived.

Other Terms & Conditions:

Internet Media Limited is not a representative for any of the advertisers listed on this directory. We accept advertisers information in good faith that it is deemed to be lawful, truthful & accurate and in no way do we endorse advertisers of the workmanship, claims and services that are offered or carried out by any of the advertisers or any listing on this site.

Internet Media Limited will not get involved in disputes between advertiser's & their customers based on information that is promoted on motel.co.nz.
Should you have a dispute with any of the advertisers on this directory, you must make contact with that advertiser and resolve any problems directly with them.

Internet Media Ltd is not responsible for and do not accept any liability that we may have in relation to your use of this directory.
Internet Media Ltd reserves the right to alter or restyle the directory as we see fit. This includes banner advertising, community and charity support or removing existing terms and conditions and adding new ones.

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